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Our Story

Named one of the best digital marketing agency in Texas, we continue to delight client with results. With loads of fresh ideas and proven techniques we continue to out perform competitors. We focus mostly on result oriented strategies and that is what brings us together and keeps us on top of our trade.
The love for tests and trial brings out the secret strategies which a very few marketers out there use. Our sole objective is to get the clients the most for the association with us. We together as a team try and test all strategies and for each client to ensure nothing ever hampers their site.

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Everything Your Business Needs to Know About Instagram Hashtags in 2018

Hashtags are important! Why? Because even using one hashtag on the
Instagram post makes it 12.6 % more engaging than a post without hashtags.

Now, if you look at it this way, hashtags are like the synopsis written at the back of a book. You’ll buy the book only if the summary appeals to you or fits your genre. Likewise, hashtagging makes it easier for your target audience to find your niche business.

Moreover, besides giving your brand the proper exposure, hashtags narrow down your target audience, thereby, making it easier for them to find you. So, today, let’s discuss how to utilise hashtags in the best way for your business, starting with its types.

Types of Instagram Hashtags trending in 2018!

  1. #Mood

Moody emoticons are getting old-fashioned. Today, if a user or business is having a good time, usually a post is accompanied by #mood or #moodygrams to depict their current state of mind.

  1. #Movement

When dealing with social issues like body positivity or a brand based on a lot of activity like travel or fitness, then this particular hashtag is used. The word movement gives a post more clarity and depth, as it compels views to act upon it.

  1. #Branded

Clients or patrons are exceedingly cynical these days while availing a product. Therefore, businesses use this hashtag to reassure patrons of the genuinity of their product/service.

As consumers want the best service or goods, using the branded tag gives them the impression that they’ll get their money’s worth if they choose your brand.

  1. #Community

Suppose you own a bakery or maybe a restaurant. Now, along with using specific niche hashtags like #foodlovers #foodporn, you’ll also need to use #community. The reason is using such hashtags fits the set of Instagram algorithm rules. This means such hashtags will feature your post on pages dealing with similar niches.

Now, your post is subjected to a broader audience reach, making it open to more followers.

Moving forward, before discussing the ways hashtags can interlink your audience with your brand, it’s time to answer a few significant questions.

  1. How many Hashtags should you use for a business profile?

There is no general rule as to how many hashtags a business can use. However, conforming to the latest Instagram algorithm, a minimum of 25-30 hashtags are enough.

Note: Keep in mind to use relevant hashtags for your brand. If you’re promoting a service/product, use the hashtags which work the best for advertising your goods.

  1. What are the top trending hashtags of 2018?

There are numerous pertinent hashtags which businesses are using, but the most popular ones are as follows –

  • #foodporn
  • #travelblogger
  • #culinary
  • #buyselltrade
  • #forsale
  • #retailer
  • #bestbusiness
  • #luxurybrand
  • #likeforlike
  • #followforfollow
  1. What are the steps for businesses to optimize hashtags?

Optimising hashtags first requires a brand to consider the following things-

  1. Which demographic does it want to engage with its post?
  2. Who are its target audiences?
  3. How does it gain more followers?
  4. What are the steps to getting more likes on its post?
  5. How to make the posts discoverable?

Now, catering to the above points, brands need to utilise hashtags according to their niche.

For example, if your restaurant business wishes to address food bloggers, it’ll use #foodbloggers.

So, now that you have a more definite concept of hashtags, let’s discuss the ways to use them for promoting your company.

How should businesses use hashtags in 2018?

  1. Use an Instagram tool to organise hashtags

If you’re a start-up, use an excel sheet to keep track of appropriate hashtags. However, if you’re using the help of a social media marketing agency, use tools like Iconosquare. This tool will show you the top trending hashtags which are popular amongst your niche audience.

  1. The number of hashtags to use

Most brands face confusion with the number of hashtags to use. Now, as already mentioned above, according to current Instagram algorithms, the minimum of 30 hashtags is the limit.

However, if your brand or product is featured the best using only 10 hashtags, then it’s advisable to narrow it down to specific numbers. So, use the tools and pick the current ones which gained your post substantial exposure in the past.

  1. Keep a check on your competitors

A simple way to find out which hashtags are prevailing in the market is to see your competitors’ feeds. You can make a list of the most popular posts and look at the kinds of hashtags used.

Accordingly, frame a list and post as per Instagram algorithms to gain substantial followers.

  1. Create your brand’s campaign hashtag

Creating a brand campaign hashtag might be tricky, but if done correctly, you can gain a horde of followers overnight. Now, a brand’s campaign hashtag must be quirky, funny or should create an impact on viewers.

For example- If you’re a Lays lover, you might have seen the brand to use the tagline #noonecaneatjustone for advertising their product along with related hashtags.

Apart from these points, here are steps to help you search for Instagram hashtags.

Follow these steps to find significant Instagram hashtags:

Step 1: Tap and enter your search term on Instagram. For example- travel.

Step 2: Scroll related terms.

Step 3: Pick those hashtags which have decent search counts.

Step 4: Look at associated hashtags or click on the top trending picture and see the hashtag used.

Step 5: Make a list and use as required.

You can further go online and look for Instagram cheat sheets.

Using high quality, relevant hashtags will also increase your instagram likes naturally. This is excellent for growing your account and can also result in additional followers! We’ve partnered with iDigic to buy Instagram followers and Twicsy to buy Instagram likes.

Note that Instagram hashtag analytics form these sheets and feature the top trending hashtags for different businesses.

Nevertheless, Instagram hashtags are like dessert toppings; the better ones get picked instantly. Thus, if your brand decorates its post with the correct implementation of hashtags, viewers will immediately hit the ‘like’.

Last but not the least, be mindful of using images which are of high quality and be strong with your caption game to catch your viewers’ attention. Wish you all the best!

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