Are You Falling in Campaigns for These 6 Digital Marketing Myths?

If you’re working in the online marketing domain, you may have come across a few digital marketing myths recently. While some of these myths might have been true, but with the rapidly changing digital marketing world, most of these myths are just stories today.

To help you separate fact from fiction, here are 6 such digital marketing myths debunked.

6 common digital marketing myths & facts!

  1. Myth- Digital marketing targets everyone!


Well, back in the very beginning, digital marketing did target every active member of the online community. However, with the progress of time, marketers have come up with numerous strategies that focus only on specific audience for more ROI.

For example- clothing brands market their products adhering to the latest fashion trends and target women aged from 15 -45.

  1. Myth- Social media is too noisy for effective marketing.


Today, one of the significant platforms used by marketing agencies to promote brands is social media.

Moreover, all that are required to advertise on social media are the latest marketing trends and your target audience. Thus, with proper strategy, your business can gain limelight overnight via platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

  1. Myth- SEO is a one-time project


Most of the times, certain businesses think that SEO once done will hold their brand prominence in the online domain for good. However, that’s not the case. SEO is rather a continuous process which needs modification at regular intervals. SEO maintenance must be done by testing and re-strategising search engine result pages. It’s also necessary to upgrade resources as required.

  1. Myth- Content marketing isn’t that important!


Certain clients harbor under the impression that once their website is up and running, the work is done. However, for a website to stand out, it must have updated contents to engage target audiences.

Consumers today are cynical when it comes to buying a product or service. Contents help build trust amongst them as those provide information regarding the company and its services.

  1. Myth- Social Media marketing only works for particular industries!


If you’re a B2B company dealing with technical service, then Pinterest and Twitter may not be your target ground. However, you can quickly promote your brand on Facebook and Instagram and get the required exposure for your company.

Likewise, if you’re a B2C fashion retailer, then LinkedIn is not your platform; but all the other platforms would be effective for you.

Therefore, the trick is to find which platform compliments your marketing policies the best.

  1. Myth- One social media platform is enough!


The more accounts you have, the more would be the exposure of your business to potential target audiences. Social media is vast and millennial today spend half of their lives surfing one platform or the other.

Therefore, if you open a profile or page in more than one platform, you can target a wider audience base. Moreover, connecting with your potential customers over social media gives you an insight of what they want from your business.

Hence, it’s an effective way to build your brand’s base.

So, clear your misconceptions and strategize a proper digital marketing campaign to promote your brand today. Follow the latest trends and keep your SEO monitored to convert your traffic into customers.