7 Secrets to Getting More TikTok Followers

The best way to successfully advertise your brand to billions of people is to create fun and engaging content. While many social media platforms exist to serve this purpose, the best option for expanding your brand outreach initiative is through the use of TikTok.

While relatively new to the social media market, TikTok has grown exponentially since 2016, accumulating over 2.3 billion downloads and over 800 million monthly active users.

Considering the global popularity of TikTok, especially in the demographic of 16 to 24-year-olds, it’s easy to see why more and more businesses and organizations are creating TikTok profiles to cash in on the potential for profits.

For a TikTok profile to be highly successful, it must have a significant amount of TikTok followers to help:

  • Promote brand awareness
  • Share videos with others
  • Engage target audience

Those looking for advice on how to best build a significant TikTok following to help reach their operational goals should follow these secrets to getting more TikTok followers.

1. Buy TikTok Followers on TokMatik

It can be challenging for those unfamiliar with how social media platforms operate to create engaging content that will lead to more TikTok followers. For this reason, one of the best ways to grow the number of TikTok followers of a profile is to purchase them from a reputable vendor like TokMatik.

TokMatik specializes in providing TikTok accounts with reliable, brand-promoting followers. Their various packages fit into any budget and are customizable to include likes and video views. Furthermore, TokMatik’s followers are sent to your profile the moment your payment is confirmed.

Using TokMatik to grow your following is one of the best ways to increase the visibility of your brand and attract more TikTok users quickly so that you can better promote your brand, products, or services.

2. Cross-Promote on Social Media

Did you know that TikTok makes it easy to download and share videos to other social media sites? The only prerequisite is that you have an account with the social media site of choice. For example, users can post their favorite TikTok videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram by clicking on the share option underneath a TikTok video.

Many people also don’t know that Facebook business accounts (as opposed to personal accounts) can actually run ads through Facebook that takes users to their own TikTok profiles. This is a great way to reach your target audience and get more TikTok followers more effectively.

3. Create High-Quality Content

High-quality content plays an instrumental role in the success of getting more TikTok followers. In fact, you must curate your content to be as unique and original as possible to avoid followers getting bored and abandoning your TikTok profile.

The two best ways to ensure that your content is high-quality are:

  • Use TikTok filters, music, and sound effects to make your content fun and engaging. Research trending visual and audio effects to ensure that you reach the most potential followers.
  • Create unique content for your TikTok profile and can’t be found on your other social media sites. These videos could include educational tutorials, funny videos related to your brand, or reviews from customers who have purchased or used your products and services.

4. Engage Other TikTok Content

Posting videos to TikTok to promote your brand or business won’t be enough to successfully attract the followers you need to reach your intended goals. To get more TikTok followers to your account, you will need to also actively engage with other content on the site.

For example, consider reposting or hitting the like button for TikTok videos from users that have positively reviewed your brand, have similar content, or expose the reason why your profile is a must-follow for every TikTok user.

Engaging with other content on the platform will ensure that your brand will be promoted across many types of videos and popular TikTok accounts – thus increasing followers to your TikTok profile.

5. Post-New Content Regularly

One of the best ways to get more TikTok followers is to ensure that your account is constantly posting new and previously unseen content. Any repetitious content or rip-offs similar advertising strategies could lose you the followers you need to ensure success on TikTok.

Additionally, post video content when your target audience is most active to get large groups of followers.

Remember that TikTok operates on UTC, so make sure you have the correct time zones to reach the most users and get more TikTok followers.

6. Use Hashtags

TikTok extrapolates hashtags added to video content in order to post them to the news feeds of users who have shown interest in similar content. These hashtags are essential to those who want to ensure that TikTok’s algorithm exposes content to their target demographic.

The top trending general hashtags include:

  • #tiktok
  • #trending
  • #viral
  • #video
  • #educational
  • #funny
  • #fyp
  • #challenge
  • #singsong
  • #trendingnow
  • #music

It’s important to note that the most successful TikTok accounts use at least ten unique hashtags for each video. It is important to note that when creating hashtags, be sure that they are not too similar to each other or other content already posted on the platform or your TikTok profile.

7. Sign Up For TikTok Pro

TikTok has recently made its pro features available to any current TikTok user, individuals, and businesses alike. TikTok Pro offers detailed insights into the effectiveness of a video in reaching users to get more TikTok followers.

With these analytics, an entity can better determine which video content is best at reaching their target audience, expanding brand awareness, and, of course, increasing the number of followers on TikTok.

Reach Your Operational Goals With More Followers on TikTok

It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual trying to become an influencer or a business looking to expand its brand into a new demographic. Choosing to start a TikTok profile to advertise your brand is the best way to guarantee success.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your video content and advertising methods on TikTok, as this will be the best way to ensure that your followers stay loyal to a profile and help to promote your brand, products, and services.